Marketing model

IBC brand has been successfully promoted in Germany and Taiwan and other countries and regions. We will set up distribution outlets in Chinese mainland gradually based on the principle of "win win win in good faith cooperation". Every dealer will also uphold the service tenet of IBC and make the distribution network of IBC gradually push away through the close relationship with IBC. It also marks the continuous extension of IBC brand service. The marketing center will provide perfect value-added services for each franchised dealer: the design and layout of the brand image store; Complete product inventory support; Strong pre-sale - in-sale - after-sales chain guarantee service; Product technical training and marketing support; Strict regional protection and price system; Customer-oriented online distribution and all-round service.

Agent joining

IBC authorized dealer information includes: Standard IBC dealer identification system; Distributors company name; Authorized service area; Duration of authorization; Certificate number of the authorization.

With strong brand promotion awareness, committed to long-term development in industrial bearing related business areas;

Have a certain business scale and advanced management concept;

It has a good business place and warehouse logistics system.

Terminal brand image